21 Chakra Healer Special Set - Discount Assortment - 21pc. Bag

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21 Chakra Healer Special Set - Discount Assortment - 21pc. BagRating: 
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This assortment includes the most common healing stones used for each Chakra.  This 21-piece assortment is one of the best values on our site and contains 21 tumbled stones. Set includes:- 21 crystals (3 per chakra)- 2 velveteen pouches- Info on each stoneThis discounted crystal assortment is perfect for any collection.  Most of the stones in this assortment are 5/8" to 1" wide.  We select the crystals for our Healer Special carefully to include great set of metaphysical crystals.A content list is included with each set of crystals.  We pack the crystals into separate bags (1 for each of the 7 Chakras) and label each bag according to Chakra.  This is a great set of metaphysical healing crystals for all of your Healing work.Included in a typical assortment is:Crown Chakra1 Tumbled White Jasper1 Tumbled Amethyst (Brazil)1 Tumbled Clear Quartz 3rd Eye Chakra 1 Tumbled Blue Tiger Eye1 Tumbled Howlite1 Tumbled UnakiteThroat Chakra1 Tumbled Blue Chalcedony1 Tumbled Blue Lace Agate1 Tumbled SodaliteHeart Chakra1 Tumbled Green Aventurine1 Tumbled Amazonite1 Tumbled Rose QuartzSolar Plexus Chakra1 Tumbled Citrine1 Tumbled Brown Tiger Eye1 Tumbled Yellow JasperSacral Chakra / Naval Chakra1 Tumbled Carnelian1 Tumbled Leopard Skin Jasper1 Tumbled Snowflake ObsidianRoot Chakra / Earth Chakra1 Tumbled Black Onyx1 Tumbled Hematite1 Tumbled Red Jasper

* Pictures represent variation in color quality.  Please see product name for the actual quantity for this item.

Published on January 2018

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