Learn How to Do Powerful Spiritual Treatment Manifestations

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These classes were specially designed for the development of beginners and The Magenta Children-- The New World Order Mystic Warriors. Introduction to Mastery Commands. Mind Projection definition and illustrations. Expanding the Aura Field with Golden Light projections from the Heart Chakra. Long Distance Healings and self healings. Illustrations of Preparations of the materials for spiritual manifestations. Expanding the Aura Field by the use of color and wave lengths. Demonstration of Golden Light Meditation combined with Healing Manifestation Treatments. Precautions and rules and regulations. Meditation can be used for superior Remote Viewing, Astral Projection, Powerful Manifestations, using Telepathy, relief or depression, weight loss and much more. This DVD is volume (1 of 20) which will be distributed this year, 2004. The Golden Light Meditation is the basis for the beginning development of the following spiritual gifts: 1.) Telepathy, 2.) Third Eye & Fifth Eye Development, 3.)Healing 4.)Mind projection. 5.)Astral-projection, 6.) Levitation, 7.) Telekinesis, 8.) Materialization, 9.) Mystic Transformation, 10.) Inter-Dimensional Vision, 11.) Spoken Word Power, 12.) Microscopic Vision, 13.) Telescopic Vision, 14.) X-ray vision, 15.) Channeling, 16.) Spirit Communications 17.) Spiritual Visions of Past, Present and Future 18.) Outer Space Travel Projections, 19.) E.T. Communications 20.) Time Travel Projections and much more. These classes were specially designed for the development of beginners and The Magenta Children-- The New World Order Mystic Warriors. Order our Text Book, "Light Workers Manual for Professionals," which has specialized training for students at all levels. Our classes by telephone make studying easy for the on the go person who would like to increase their spiritual lifestyle. Students worldwide take classes by telephone with a qualified Doctor Practitioner. Sign up today (8) _ hr classes with book, tape and materials can be obtained by calling (619) 280-0778 or (619) 867-6017. Please go to our website to view our web pages at: www.drjamescapers.com Please write to us; we would love to hear from you at: Temple of Divine Prophecy, Post Office Box 122069, San Diego, California 92112.

Published on January 2018

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