7 Common Signs Of A Spiritual Awakening- How the enlightenment code can change your life

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A mind -altering world of spiritual comfort and clarity awaits readers of "7 Common Signs Of A Spiritual Awakening"- Learning how to access and master dormant links to their personal concept of divinity will instill a life long liberation from the moral morass of the day. Both spiritual as well as practical rewards will mark your new outlook and personality. In effect, your mind is somewhat rewired and enormously self-strengthened through digesting and then using the book's clear cut and profound text.

The profound messages, broken down into easily understood dictums and examples that enable remarkable transformations are greatly enriched by numerous stories and parables which illumine their depth and power.

The person you are when you turn the first page will be different than the person who close the last page.

A Q&A with Sri Vishwanath

Question: Why did you decide to write Seven Spiritual Strategies?

Sri Vishwanath: Seven Spiritual Strategies is a culmination of more than seven years and more than 10,000 hours of constantly evolving thought. During this process I wrote ten best-selling books on spirituality, got admitted thrice to a hospital’s intensive care unit, struggled with my personal goals, and had a troubled relationship.. I realised that if you want to achieve anything in life you need strategies. I wanted to gift the readers and myself something more than wisdom and philosophy. something more tangible ..one could hold on to in their daily life… In many ways the book wrote itself through me.

Q: What makes Seven Spiritual Strategies different from other spiritual and self help books?

SV:The heart of Seven Spiritual strategies is the discovery of the Enlightenment Code.. Chapter 8 reveals the Ecode(the enlightenment code) Who would believe me when I say I was enlightened without a guru and without having spent years in a Himalayan cave?

I had hit upon the superior method, and reached the ultimate destination. The superior method is all that you need to experience this sublime feeling. Everything else is secondary. The usual methods used to attract and inveigle you into the world of spirituality are inferior and should be recognized for what they are. But with the Ecode you’re now on the right track and not likely to be ever derailed.

Q: Do you have a favorite chapter or section of Seven Spiritual Strategies?

SV:That’s a good question. My favourite sections change every week:) Chapter 4 is my pick. It has got two contrasting stories of what “powerful connection” with the self can really help you achieve and how it can dramatically influence, improve and help you get rid of mental blocks. I also love Chapter 8(The enlightenment code) that evolved as I was writing the book.

Q: Why do you say that enlightenment is easy?

SV:There is a popular Buddhist saying “First enlightenment then laundry” . Enlightenment was always meant to be easy. It was never complex. The lifes that we chose to live after being enlightened is in many ways a complex one. If you get access to world class teachers in spirituality there is no reason you cannot be enlightened in less than eight hours.. What you do after being enlightened is the real challenge..

Q: Who is this book written for?

SV:This book is written for both men and women who have a burning desire to get in touch with the better part of their personality. You will gain instant clarity on some of the most seemingly complex questions of human life . Your thoughts will become crystal clear, your mind calm like never before and your energy vibrant and ready to gift you the best things in life. It’s also great for kids as they will enjoy the contrasting stories and the seeds of enlightenment will be automatically sowed in them. This book would make a great family tool, or even a tool for spiritual clubs or friends discussing arm chair philosophy to serve as a benchmark for spiritual evolution.

Published on February 2018

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