7 Knob White Hoodoo Spell Candle (Healing, Spiritual Cleansing)

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7" solid candle, also called "Wishing Candles" because you make a wish and burn one knob each day for seven days. Write your wish on parchment paper and place beneath the candle. Before lighting the 7" candle each time, recite this chant seven times: Candle, Candle, burning bright, Bless this wish with your light. White candle used to get peace in home or business, for good health and serenty.

White 7 Knob Candle 7" high 7 knob candle. For ritual work involving healing, spiritual cleansing and peaceful home. 7 Knob candles are often called wishing candles. They are one of the most famous hoodoo and magickal candles sold. An entire candle can be used for one wish, burning one knob daily for seven days. Write the wish on a piece of parchment paper (or a piece of paper torn from a brown paper bag) and place under the candle before it is lit. The candle can also be used for 7 different wishes by pinning separate papers to each knob and burning daily. As that knob melts away, the wish is consumed and favorable vibrations set up which work towards its fulfillment. 7 knob candles can be anointed with occult oils suited to the purpose of the spell to heighten their potency. For a love spell, you can use a love oil such as Come to Me or Love Drops. For a wealth drawing spell, you can use a money oil such as Wealthy Way or Millionaire oil. If you are using a black 7 knob candle, you would want to use any of the black magick oils.


aprox 7" tall
Wishing Candle

Published on February 2018

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