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Matrix Energy Healing Candles are available in 12 different colors, each with their own core qualities, crystal essences, and affirmation. These candles are designed to support you in your daily living, learning, and healing experiences. Candles may be lit for long or short periods. Order a full set & meditate with the one you need on any given day, for an extra boost of energy in that core quality, when you need it most! These candles are energized, blessed, & imprinted with the enregy of the core qualities & affirmation printed on the lable for your enhanced healing experience. Let yourself be pleasantly surprised... order now & see what happens!


Great for meditation & personal transformation
Purple for Spirituality, Core Essence, Higher-Self Connection
Inspired by Crystal & Nature Energies
Inspirational prayer & affirmation
Energized with Love & Angelic Blessings

Published on February 2018

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