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Carmelite Studies would wish to imitate, after a fashion, what Teresa of Avila did in her times. Just as she described in her writings her own experience of the "intimate sharing between friends ... alone with him who we know loves us," this series will devote its volumes to describing the varied ways, the many instances, the rich personal histories which exemplify Carmel's manner of experiencing that "intimate sharing" which is prayer. Our main purpose is to make available to an English-language reading audience exegesis of the written and lived witness of Carmel to the life of prayer-to supply keys of understanding to Carmel's heritage, history and spirituality. ... from Introduction - Carmelite Studies: Spiritual Direction Included in this collection of essays are: Spiritual Direction according to St John of the Cross by Lucien-Marie Florent, OCD Spiritual Direction in the Major Works of St Teresa by Pierluigi Pertusi, OCD Spiritual Direction in the Letters of St Teresa by Marcel Lépée Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus and Spiritual Direction by Louis Gillet, OCD Let it never be said of them, as it is said of some other Orders, that they do nothing but praise their beginnings. It is we who are the beginners now; but let them continually strive to be beginners too, in the sense of growing better and better all the time. (Foundations, 29). St. Teresa of Avila

Published on February 2018

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