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In the past 5 years , since Doris and I wrote our first book, we found that Spiritual Enlightenment is the underlying goal of all who search for Truth -- gaining awareness of who we are , our purpose in this lifetime, and connecting with the Highest Source.

With this text , we hope to assist people in their search. As have all others who travel this road, we recognize there are many ways to increase one's awareness, knowledge, and wisdom. By presenting the technique of dowsing/ divining, we hope to give you more direct access to tools and paths that may be considered.

What is in this book?
Why do we yearn for Spiritual Enlightenment?
Using Dowsing as a Tool in your Search
Being in the Present Moment and Staying Centered
Divine Principles of Truth
Our Energy Fields; Healing with Colors or other Resources
Our Belief System/ Value System
Karma and its Influences
Working with Influential Forces towards our Enlightenment
Psychic Senses and Other Resources
Soul Influences
Positive Life pattern Changes that may enhance your Spirit
Life Experiences; Education, Family, Relationships, Sexual, Social, etc
Look at Life's Blessings
Creative Visualization
Sacred Objects, Dreams, Talisman, and Jewelry

Published on December 2017

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