Spiritual Intelligence: Discover Your SQ. Deepen Your Faith.

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Spiritual Intelligence: Discover Your SQ. Deepen Your Faith.Rating: 
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Western culture has long prized the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) as a benchmark of a person's mental abilities. And since the mid-nineties we have known of other forms of intelligence such as emotional and social. Now, prolific author, former pastor, and leadership development specialist Alan E. Nelson introduces "spiritual intelligence"--a person's ability to assimilate faith into everyday life.
Churches and individuals are coming to the conclusion that far too many people are active in church their entire lives but never mature, going directly from Pampers to Depends. How can this be? In Spiritual Intelligence, Nelson will help readers take charge of their spiritual growth by helping them incorporate methods Jesus used in teaching his disciples. Readers will assess their own spiritual maturity and learn what steps to take next in their journey of discipleship.

Published on February 2018

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