Spiritual Lifecoach GPS Cartoon - Drawing Book 8 X 8 Inch

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Spiritual Lifecoach GPS Cartoon - Drawing Book 8 X 8 InchRating: 
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Spiritual Lifecoach GPS Cartoon Drawing Book is a great way to start sketching, drawing, designing, scrapbooking, or just jotting down your thoughts. This unique spiral bound hard covered book includes acid free bright white paper and features twin loop wire spring binding. A great alternative to the standard photo album or notebook. Perfect for use with crayons, markers, paints, pastels, stickers, pencils and pens. Great as a gift for any occasion. Enjoyed by all ages.


8" x 8" spiral bound hard covered
9/16 inch Twin Loop Wire Binding Spines
50 pages, 8" x 7 3/4" - page thickness is 80lb text
Acid free bright white paper, non-coated paper
Pages lay flat when book is opened

Published on February 2018

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