Spiritual Talisman Black Onyx Cobra Gemstone Carving

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Item: Fct-Cr2 Carving Size: 50 X 30 Mm This Is Very Special, Fantastically Attractive And Absolute Hot Seller Gemstone Cobra Carving.
This Gemstone Cobra Is Hand Made. It Is Carved From Genuine And Natural Black Onyx. This Lucky Figurine Is Spiritual Talisman And Brings Good Luck And Spiritual Protection.
This Carving Is Very Special In Protecting You And Your Good Luck Spirit. It Pushes Away Negative Energies And Attracts Natural Powers Of Good Luck And Protection. Snake Myth And Legend:Snakes Have Several Characteristics That Have Long Fascinated Humans And Have Led To Superstitions And Religious Myths. Their Habit Of Periodically Shedding Their Skin Was Also Noted By Most Ancient Cultures, Which View This As An Act Of Rebirth And Renewal. Our Medical Symbol Of Two Snakes Wrapped Around A Staff Comes From Ancient, Greek Mythology. In India, Cobras Were Regarded As Reincarnations Of Important People. Snakes Are Great Symbol Of Protection For Their Ability To Instantly Protect Them Self From Environment In Unexpected Situations. As Well Their Symbol Brings Good Luck For People Who Needs To Act Quickly In Business And Life Important Situations. See Alternative View For More Details. Special And Natural Powers Of Black Onyx Gemstonewith Its Powers Effective In All Chakras, Onyx Is A Very Spiritual Stone. Its Primary Function For Spiritualists Is As A Grounding Stone That Strengthens The Connection Of The Person With The Earth To Provide Guidance. It Is Used To End Unhappy Or Bothersome Situations. Onyx Is In Tune With The Earths Energies And Balances Yin And Yang. It Is Grounding Stone, Valuable In Difficult Or Confusing Times In Our Lives. Extremely Helpful To People Who Are In The Process Of " Letting Go" Or Releasing The Past Attachments To People, Places And Things. Absorbs And Flattens Emotional Intensity. Helps To Smooth Out The "Roller Coaster Ride" Of Emotions. Black Onyx Is A Tremendous Strength Provider, Especially During Times Of Extreme Stress.

Published on December 2017

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